I place myself in the future and figure out what I should have done, then I do it.

Where did the idea for Robert Gillings Productions and Consulting come from?

I have been the President and CEO of both Robert Gillings Productions and Robert Gillings Consulting since their inception in 1990. Through my production company, I produced The Kings of Brooklyn (2004), Fright Fest (2017), and My Darling (2017).

As an actor, writer and director, your name become the name of your business. It is your calling card and the way that everyone in the industry refers to you as they would the name of your company in any other industry. I thought that it would be more personal to extend the use of my name to the names of my businesses. With Robert Gillings Productions and Robert Gillings Consulting, people in the entertainment industry immediately know that these companies and their services are extensions of me and people immediately have a better understanding of the quality of service and consulting that they will receive just by hearing the name of the company and easily being able to link it back to me. I also used my name in my company titles because I wanted to make it individualized for those I did business with rather than them dealing with a corporation.

What does your typical day look like and how do you make it productive?

I prioritize my day, with the largest and toughest projects first. With fresh eyes and a clear head, I can make quick and much smarter decisions about the more important projects that are coming down the pipeline. The execution of those bigger and tougher will also come much more easily when I have all of the energy I need to make those things happen. Most Importantly, I don’t sweat the small stuff.

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