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Robert Gillings is a man of many talents. He is a Writer, Director, Producer, Actor, Consultant, Designer, and was his own Attorney “Pro-Se” in his Divorce and Child Custody trail that he won Full and Sole Custody of his children.

Robert is best known for writing the Horror Feature Film, ‘American Fright Fest,” which premiered at the London Film Festival and immediately after received a worldwide release, and is currently showing on Amazon Prime and all On Demand channels.

Gillings is also known for his theories on philosophy and as a financial consultant. He even operates his own company, Robert Gillings Consultants. However, everyone has a passion. Robert Gillings has identified his passion as a writer, director, creating films for the future.

Creating a feature film or TV series is no easy venture. Anyone who is even moderately versed in film understands that putting an entire production together requires unparalleled levels of patience and fortitude.


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