There’s no question that acting is one of the toughest careers you could ever consider. There’s a lot of competition. Yet if you can get in the door, the rewards are incredible. Fame, money, and the chance to be remembered forever are just the top tier prizes. There’s also the ability to do what you love. Understandably, a student wishes to become an actor wants to know how they can up their odds at being found in Hollywood. While choosing every gig that comes your way is a good start, you also need the education to back it up. Not every actor goes to acting school. Those that do, however, are often some of the world’s best. This article will discuss some of the top acting schools that you might want to consider attending to make your dreams come true. 

American Film Institute

AFI is a powerful name in Hollywood. Not only does it run a lot of movie business but it also provides a school. In fact, the school offers six MFA programs. You can go there for directing, cinematography, screenwriting, editing, producing, and production design. Quite a few award-winning and nominated individuals teach the courses. So, you can be sure that you’re learning from the best. If AFI is a little too pricey for you, they also offer two tuition-free courses. One is a workshop for women want to be directors. The other is based around cinematography. Both of these programs are considered to be intensive. In particular, AFI is a great choice for women as it also allows those who are in its Young Women in Film program to be mentored by the faculty. 

Art Center College Of Design

Located in Pasadena, this college has a three-track curriculum in its film department. These three-tracks revolve around editing, cinematography, and directing. What makes this college so great is that they prefer to teach by actually performing. The lessons are all hands-on. As a result, students are able to showcase their own original film by the time that they graduate. That isn’t bad for a resume. Especially if you can enter it into a few film festivals and win. Students are also introduced to technology that is used on movie sets today. Their experience and knowledge make them ready to walk on set right after graduation. 

Beijing Film Academy

This acting school is located, as you might have guessed, in Beijing. It’s also the only one of its kind in China. With the film industry quickly growing in Asia, this film academy has become one of the best. It has four professional studios that it utilizes and also introduces state-of-the-art technology to its students. For those who want to learn the future of filmmaking, then the Beijing Film Academy is an acting school to set your sights on. 

Belmont University

At Belmont University, you can expect to have classes of writing, directing, screenplay analysis, creative producing, film history, genre studies, set management, and quite a few others. With this huge list of education, students can learn every facet of filmmaking. For actors, that isn’t a bad education to have. In fact, it can work to advantage when you understand what set managers and directors are looking for in your performance. Belmont also is one of the few universities that have access to Dolby Atmos sound-mixing equipment. In addition, it sports a theater with 250 seats. Students will be expected to start working on their own film as soon as the semester begins. This hands-on approach is a great way to learn what to expect on a film set. 

Biola University

One of the key features of this acting school is that it is located in La Mirada. This is just 20 minutes away from Los Angeles. As a result, it can be quite easy for students to transition from school and right into a gig. This university has $3 million worth of technology for filmmaking. Its curriculum focuses on game design, entertainment producing, writing for both TV and film, as well as interactive media. One last perk that this university provides is access to its 10,000sq-ft studio day and night. Students can easily start working on their own films and then take a short drive to LA to showcase it. 

Boston University Dept. Film & Television, College of Communication

Over on the east side of the country rests Boston University. This university offers a BS in filmmaking. Some of the courses that they offer are screenwriting, film and TV studies, production, and various courses on cinema. Perhaps one of the best aspects of this university is that it is relatively small. That allows students to easily access their teachers for help and advice. Those relationships can help.

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