The Remarkable Career of Robert Gillings

Robert Gillings is a prominent figure in the entertainment industry. His expertise in the field has made him build a brand over the years. The entertainment guru is an actor, producer, writer, and a TV Series creator Director. One of the most reputable productions from Robert Galling’s’ productions is The Kings of Brooklyn film. The film received extensive support from the audience leading to its nomination for the Brooklyn Film Festival Awards. King of Brooklyn scooped The Audience Award for Best Featured Film during the ceremony.

The Critically Acclaimed Film Writer, Director, Producer, and Actor Robert Gillings

The talented film writer made headlines after releasing the American Fright Fest horror film that received overwhelming national and global reception. Robert Gillings makes an impact even on Television. His upcoming TV Series, Paper Empire, is one of the films that would attract the biggest names in the industry. Some of the names in the series include Wesley Snipes, Steve Guttenburg, Robert Davi, and Denise Richards. The Founder of Robert Gillings also added Robert Knepper, Elisabetta Fantone, Michael Nouri, Helena Mattsson, Anne Archer, and Chuck Zito in the TV Series.

The award-winning writer is in the process of producing a book and screenplay based on a true story. My Darling would cover the true story of Robert Gillings covering his divorce process. The proceedings that took ten years would soon hit the entertainment industry in drama and writing. During the Two Year Custody Trial involving his children, Robert puzzled the world by representing himself without an attorney. He won the case and handed the green light to live with the children.

Besides taking part actively in the entertainment industry, Robert Gillings offers opinions and advice concerning his success. He supports other players in the industry through Robert Gillings Consultants. The community, friends, and family benefit tremendously through Robert’s expertise in financial advice, acting, and directing.

Robert Gillings dedicates his time and energy fully to his family and profession. He balances his daily routine in such a way that both sides receive an equal share of his commitment. Robert once flew to London for nine hours to represent the American Fright Fest film. He discovered that his film had no personal representation and decided to take the bull by the horns. Robert went to London’sWorld Premier by himself and made time for the Question and Answer session. The film producer flew back to New York a few hours after the ceremony.

During his acting career, Robert Gillings took part as police Peterson in his American Fright Fest film. Robert played as Noir in Pivot Empire after one of the actors pulled out. In the film, History Channels, Robert acts as Owney Madden, the Irish Gangster. In his film, The Kings of Brooklyn, Robert performs as William Haines, and in The Hotel Manor Inn as the hotel entrepreneur. Robert Gillings currently spends most of the time in directing and writing. He no longer concentrates in acting like before. He throws more weight behind the production to keep up with the pace of the competitive entertainment industry.

Having spent the early years of his life in New York his birthplace, Robert Gillings remains tightly attached to every happening of the State. His memorable event is the United States terrorist attacks that took place on September 11, 2001. His sister Melissa worked in Tower one during the attacks. As an architectural designer, he forwarded his design of the new World Trade Center. His primary objective was to show his solidarity and response to the disaster.